Visiting hours: 10am - 1pm: Thu, Fri, Sun

Groups: 10am - 1pm: Wed (book ahead)

About Us

St. Anne's City Farm is a community space that is open 5 days a week and is free for everyone. So come get involved or come spend time at a beautiful city sanctuary.

St. Anne's City Farm is a sustainable farm that promotes education and multiculturalism.

Run by volunteers set within the boundaries of a busy city park, 'St. Anne's City Farm' is home to 2 Pigs, 9 Chickens, 3 Goats, a Guinea Pig, and Moses the Pony.

It is also the site of raised beds, a herb garden, and a wooden cabin. They promote holistic education with a program that includes mindfulness, animal therapy and nurturing the whole child - helping children to connect with nature.

As they develop further, they will serve healthy food and drink onsite, expand their educational program and host cultural events.

They also will develop their site as a showcase for how to thrive as a farm off the grid, using renewable energy sources and water conserving technologies.

The park is surrounded by the suburban areas of Dublin 3 & 5 but they want to reach even more people. They believe that every child and grown-up should have access to a garden and that everyone in the garden is equal.

By being a safe and open space for people to share what they know and learn from others, they stive to empower people through knowledge, growing and creating.